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"Like angels dancing on your taste buds!"

The phrase is an idiom that means the food or drink you are consuming is so delicious that it feels like a divine experience. It’s a way of saying the taste is heavenly and brings immense pleasure to the senses. There is no better way to describe the aroma, texture and taste, of the steaks available at Texas Beef Traders.

Beef from the Texas Hill Country is a type of meat product that comes from cattle raised in the region of central Texas, known for its rolling hills, rivers, and springs. Some of the characteristics of beef from the Texas Hill Country are: 

  • High quality. The cattle are fed on natural grasses and grains. The meat is dry-aged for at least 14 days to enhance the flavor and tenderness.  
  • Locally sourced. Texas Beef Traders secures beef from two of those Hill Country ranches. MTX Ranch in Mason County supplies our Angus beef while Iron Table Ranch in Coryell County supplies our Wagyu meats.  Dealing exclusively with these ranches ensures the consistent quality and taste that our beef is famous for.
  • Variety of cuts. We sell everything from whole cows, half cows down to the individual cuts of steaks suited for grilling and bbq.

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Here's Our Secret!

Due to our ranchers' location (both around 70 miles from our Lakeway location), the cattle are never subjected to the stress of long-haul transportation. They roam freely and contentedly on the sprawling pastures of MTX and Iron Table ranches, nestled in the Heart of Texas. These magnificent creatures are handled with the utmost care, ensuring their well-being and the preservation of their delectable flavors, which our beef products are famous for.

MTX ranch has the most flavorful Angus beef available. Iron Table Wagyu cattle are 100% full blood Japanese Black Wagyu cattle, DNA verified to Japan, and are 100% organic fed and raised. (Most wagyu available elsewhere is not from full-blooded wagyu cattle.)

In both cases when processing is completed the cuts are immediately frozen, preserving the juices and flavors that make our beef so special. (Beef bought elsewhere usually has been subject to multiple trimming and exposure, deteriorating the flavor.)

For customers who are in a hurry, we also offer our beef cuts not frozen. These are delivered to us in a fresh state and are labeled FRESH in our store and on this website. Again, these are obtained right after the initial processing.

It's a seamless journey from pasture to plate. Experience an unforgettable Ranch-to-Table journey with Texas Beef Traders!


Grill. Greet. Gather.

At Texas Beef Traders, we're passionate about our vibrant local community of beef lovers. We also proudly showcase exceptional local producers and artisans in our store, supporting the very heartbeat of Texas. As proud members of the esteemed GO TEXAN initiative, we take pride in championing the best our state has to offer.

Get started on your culinary adventure with Texas Beef Traders today. Browse our selection, place your order, pickup your order in Lakeway, TX. The ultimate Ranch-to-Table experience is waiting for you!


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