Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Check out some answers to your most pressing questions.

 1.  Where are you located? 

2127 Lohmans Crossing Rd., Ste, 310, Lakeway, Tx. 78734

 2.  Do you sell only frozen steaks?  

Most of the steaks we sell are frozen.  They are frozen at processing.  This keeps all of the juices intact which gives the beef it's delicious beefy taste.  We do also carry Angus steaks that are not frozen after processing.  These are available for a short time and are marked as FRESH on this website.

 3.  I've heard that you also sell the beef of a whole cow.

Yes, we sell whole cows, half and quarter cows to stock your freezer.  This is cheaper than buying the individual steaks.  Contact us for more information.

 4.  What hours are you open?

Sunday 11 - 3   Monday  closed   Tuesday  closed   Wednesday  10 - 6

Thursday  10 - 6   Friday  10 - 6   Saturday  10 - 6

 5.  What cattle breeds do you use? 

We use Angus and 100% Wagyu cattle.

 6.  Do you ship your beef?

Currently we do not ship.  We are in the process of researching suitable shippers and shipping containers that will keep the beef frozen during delivery.

 7.  What is your most popular steak?

Our most popular cuts are the Ribeye and the NY Strip. 

8.  Is your Wagyu genuine?

In Iron Table's own words, "We began breeding our first 100% Full Blood Wagyu cattle, DNA certified to Japan in 2019, and by 2020 we were solidifying our genetics to bring you an experience like no us a call."

Grocery stores will often sell beef labeled "Wagyu", but are actually produced by cross-breeding - therefore, not 100% Wagyu.

 9.  Why is Wagyu so expensive?

Quality doesn't come cheap, and Wagyu is the top of the line.  We most often sell Wagyu for special occasions like bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays, company picnics, fraternity and sorority parties, in other words - those special occasions where grocery store steaks are just not good enough.

10.  If I buy a whole, half or quarter cow, how do I get the steaks?

Upon paying your deposit we put you into direct contact with the rancher so you can discuss with them the types and quantities of the different cuts you want from your cow.  Upon completion of the processing your order is delivered to our store where it will then be available for pick up.  Each steak will be individually wrapped and frozen.  Just like the steaks we sell in the store.

11.  I've heard you are going to start selling wine at your location.

Yes, we plan to offer wine pairings starting sometime in February.  Stay tuned for the full details.

12.  Do you offer courses in proper grilling techniques?

Sounds like something we should investigate.


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