Collection: NY Strip Steaks

Sourced directly from the Iron Table Ranch (100% Wagyu) in Coryell County, TX and the MTX Ranch (Angus) in Mason County, TX, our NY Strips showcase the pinnacle of flavor and tenderness. Raised with care and fed a wholesome diet, the cattle yield meat that boasts exceptional marbling and a robust, juicy texture. After dry aging for at least two weeks, our master butchers meticulously hand-cut each strip, ensuring precise trim and consistent quality. Sink your teeth into the rich, bold flavors of our farm-to-table NY Strip Steaks and experience a dining sensation that is second to none.

The Black Angus NY Strips are available in Frozen or Fresh formats.  Both formats are the same beef with the Frozen being flash frozen as soon as it is processed and the Fresh never being subjected to the freezing.  

For the customer with superior culinary requirements try our Fresh Black Angus NY Strip steaks that has been aged for 35+ days for unequaled texture and taste.