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MTX Beef

Angus NY Strip 1.5"

Angus NY Strip 1.5"

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Tender, lean, and perfect for grilling. Cut from the top loin or strip loin into uniform steaks perfect for the grill. 1.5" cut.

A smaller and leaner steak cut.  Don't think for one second though that our NY Strips don't hit the ball out of the park with taste and tenderness.

NY Strips are not only reserved for date nights and special occasions, but easy to cook up any day of the week and a little more affordable than your Ribeye or Filet.

The New York Strip steak comes from the top part of the short loin behind the ribs – the longissimus muscle of the cow. This muscle is little worked, making the steak very tender. This cut tends to have fat on the edge of the steak and a little marbling throughout.
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