Collection: Picanha & Coulotte Steaks

Discover the exquisite flavor and tenderness of our Picanha and Coulotte steaks (a staple in Brazilian steak houses), sourced exclusively from MTX Ranch in Mason, TX. With a steadfast commitment to ethical practices, MTX Ranch raises cattle on a nutritious diet, resulting in beef that embodies unrivaled taste, succulence, and tenderness. Indulge in the rich marbling and juicy texture that make our Picanha and Coulotte steaks a cut above the rest.

The Black Angus Picanha & Coulotte Steaks are available in Frozen or Fresh formats.  Both formats are the same beef with the Frozen being flash frozen as soon as it is processed and the Fresh never being subjected to the freezing.  Wagyu Picanha & Coulotte Steaks are available in Frozen only.