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Iron Table Wagyu

Wagyu New York Strip

Wagyu New York Strip

These NY Strips are 100% pureblood Wagyu and incredible! The buttery taste and tenderness are not matched anywhere else!

Well marbled, full bodied and rich with premium Wagyu flavor, the Iron Table Wagyu New York Strip is an incredible and tender display of texture, flavor and fat. Cut from the shorter side of the beef loin, these muscles do very little work which translates to extreme tenderness during the harvesting process.

The reason our Iron Table Wagyu cattle produce such intensely marbled beef is because of the level of care they receive every moment from birth to harvest. Our 100% full blood Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are DNA verified to Japan and are 100% naturally fed and raised, no hormones or antibiotics ever. 

Iron Table Wagyu is an experience like no other. 


From our ranch to your plate, Iron Table Wagyu - A Different Breed.

"Three years ago, we set out to bring something different to your table, your family, and your communities. Iron Table is more than a product to us, it's family, and it's a lifestyle. We take no shortcuts in the work we put into perfecting our beef, and we pride ourselves in giving you the best quality experience on the market."

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