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Jambon de Bayonne

Jambon de Bayonne

French Prosciutto - 3.5 oz package

Taste the terroir in this gastronomic jewel of Southwest France. To earn the label “Jambon de Bayonne, PGI,” an ancient process is followed, and every aspect of the production must be artfully and carefully controlled. Only local pork from PGI-certified pigs and the mineral-rich salt of Salies-de-Bearn may be used, resulting in meltingly tender ham with deep, nuanced flavors, and a rich red color. Cured naturally where the warm wind of the Pyrenees Mountains meets the humid air from the ocean, these hams develop their distinctive characteristics over a minimum of 12 months. Somewhat sweeter than its Italian cousin, our French "prosciutto" is an excellent item to keep handy in the kitchen. Enjoy the unique taste of Jambon de Bayonne on a charcuterie board or as an ingredient in your favorite dishes. But we have to warn you that jambon de Bayonne is addictive; once it passes your lips, you’ll want to eat it every day.


  • Hand-crafted ham with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
  • Hind leg from PGI-certified pigs
  • Naturally cured with only Salies-de-Bearn salt
  • Regulations enforced by the Consortium du Jambon de France
  • No nitrates or nitrites
  • Dry-aged for a minimum of 12 months
  • Unique climate contributes to extraordinary ham
  • Sold sliced and ready to eat; no additional preparation required
  • Product of France
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