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Iron Table Wagyu

Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs

Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs

Elevate your hot dog game by serving this irresistible Wagyu Beef Franks!  To protect its freshness, this wagyu beef is carefully ground and stuffed into hot dog casings before being vacuum packed to seal in its remarkable flavor.

Though wagyu beef is most commonly sold in whole cuts of steak, it's also great for producing incredibly rich ground beef, which results in delicious hot dogs! Each juicy bite of these franks coats the mouth, creating a luxuriant, lingering flavor that must be experienced to be believed. Thanks to the richness of the wagyu beef, you don't need to cover these franks with fancy toppings to create an unforgettable flavor experience!

Premium Full Blood Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs! We dare you to try just one. This pack of links is one of our highest in demand products at Iron Table Wagyu, and for good reason. The premium Wagyu Flavor combined with the classic hot dog texture make this one of our easiest to prepare and enjoy products. Throw these on a bun, in your next Crawfish boil, or eat them right off the plate, you cant go wrong!

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