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Iron Table Wagyu

Wagyu Beef Bacon

Wagyu Beef Bacon

Wagyu Beef Bacon: A Culinary Delight

In the realm of gourmet foods, Wagyu beef has carved out its niche as the epitome of flavor and quality. Now, imagine taking that luxurious experience to the breakfast table with Wagyu Beef Bacon. With its tantalizing marbling and unparalleled flavor, Wagyu Beef Bacon represents the pinnacle of gourmet breakfast meats. This delicacy, a delightful alternative to traditional pork bacon, is quickly gaining popularity among food enthusiasts worldwide.

The Making of Wagyu Beef Bacon

Wagyu beef, known for its superior marbling and tenderness, forms the cornerstone of this exquisite bacon. The journey of Wagyu beef bacon begins with high-quality beef belly, carefully selected for its fat content and texture. The beef belly is cured with a blend of curing salt and sugar, enhancing its natural flavors. This process, a crucial step in bacon making, contributes to the bacon’s unique taste and preservation. Following the curing, the meat is gently smoked, often over maple wood, to infuse it with a delicate, smoky flavor that complements the natural taste of the Wagyu beef.

Comparing Wagyu Beef Bacon to Traditional Pork Bacon

The contrast between Wagyu beef bacon and traditional pork bacon is striking, especially when it comes to texture and flavor. Wagyu bacon, derived from the supremely marbled Wagyu cattle, offers a tenderness that pork bacon rarely achieves. This tenderness is a direct result of the Wagyu beef’s marbling, which evenly distributes fat throughout the meat, contributing to a melt-in-your-mouth experience. The flavor profile of Wagyu bacon is also notably richer and more complex.

So, next time you’re craving bacon, consider indulging in the luxurious experience of Wagyu Beef Bacon. It’s a unique fusion of traditional Japanese beef and Western-style bacon, resulting in a mouth-watering culinary delight!

*Note* This product is intended to be cooked well done, to a golden crisp! Take one of the best things in the world, now make it Wagyu, now take it even further and make it Iron Table Wagyu.

This is a truly unparalleled culinary experience. All of the extraordinary flavor profiles of wagyu combined with the crisp and crunch of an all-time classic, you are sure to find bliss with Iron Table Beef Bacon. Throw this on your next sandwich, burger, breakfast spread, or make it a main course - the only way you can go wrong is not ordering enough, limited supply!

The reason our Iron Table cattle produce such intensely marbled beef is because of the level of care they receive every moment from birth to harvest. Our 100% full blood Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are DNA verified to Japan and are 100% naturally fed and raised, no hormones or antibiotics ever. From our ranch to your plate, Iron Table Wagyu - A Different Breed.

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