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Spiceology Luxe Infused Salt Gift Set

Spiceology Luxe Infused Salt Gift Set

Need something a little more elevated for the luxurious folks on your gifting list? Or the budding flavor seekers and experimental mixologists? Then you’ve hit the jackpot. This gift set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser across the board. With flavors like Smoked Chardonnay, Jalapeno, and Black Truffle, it’s the perfect variety to uplift your savory dishes, sauces, sweet truffles, and cocktails. Venture out of your comfort zone and experiment with flavor

  • Description

    What's in the box ↓

  • Sriracha Salt - 1.3 oz

  • Lime Salt - 1.3 oz

  • Espresso Salt - 1.3 oz

  • Jalapeño Salt - 1.3 oz

  • Black Truffle Salt - 1.3 oz

  • Chardonnay Salt - 1.3 oz

Why Choose Spiceology?

  • Grind fresh. Ship fresh. When it comes to flavor, fresh matters. We grind in small batches and ship direct, delivering the freshest most flavorful spices right to your door.
  • Chef-owned and operated. Great flavor comes from chefs, not food scientists. 
  • Innovative, never-before-tasted flavors.

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