Whole Cow Purchase Program

Thinking of purchasing a whole or half cow?  Because we at Texas Beef Traders want to be as transparent as possible to ensure our customers have a positive experience, let us take some time to explain the Whole Cow Purchase Program.   

First off, purchasing a whole or half cow is not for everyone.  You’re going to receive a lot more ground beef and other cuts than you probably know what to do with.  The good news is between Google, Bing, YouTube, and Texas Beef Traders, we're confident you can be an expert in no time!  

Second, the cost savings are not obvious at first glance.  Since you’re paying one price for every cut of beef on the cow, it looks like you’re paying a lot more for some cuts, remember that you’re also paying a lot less for other premium custom cuts of your choosing.  See the example below for details.   

If you’re still interested in buying a whole or half cow, then know that you'll be joining an elite group of meat enthusiasts who know how to save money, hedge against inflation, feel comfort in knowing where their food comes from, support local ranchers and small businesses, and get truly flavorful high-quality beef.  To start you on the right path, here's some terminology that you should be familiar with.


1. Live Weight = The walking around weight of the living animal.

2. Hanging Weight = The weight of the butchered animal as it hangs in the locker to dry age. This weight does not include the head, hide, hooves, blood and innards, which have been removed.

3. Yield Weight = The net weight of the meat you will receive that is packaged and ready for your freezer. The reduced weight here is attributed to the cutting and trimming of fat, connective tissue, bone, etc., as well as moisture lost during the dry aging process. This weight varies depending on the cuts of meat included and other packaging options you choose. The industry standard is 60% of the hanging weight.

4. Hanging Weight Price ~ No matter where you buy your whole or half cow, customers in the industry are typically charged for the Live Weight or Hanging Weight, not the Yield Weight.  


1. Live Weight of whole cow is 1500 pounds

2. Hanging Weight of whole cow is 1000 pounds

3. Yield Weight of whole cow is 600 pounds

4. Hanging Weight Price of whole cow is $5

Total price you pay for whole cow is Hanging Weight times Hanging Weight price

1000 lb x $5 = $5000 (minus the security deposit)

This is when many first-timers think “Okay now wait a minute.. I’m paying $5000 for 600 pounds of meat from this cow.  That means I’m paying $8.33/lb for Ground Beef?  That’s a terrible deal!”  And we would agree with you.  At the time of us typing this example, our retail price for Ground Beef is $5.49/lb. 

Fortunately, the cow you’re buying is not 600 pounds of just Ground Beef.  You’re likely also getting about 10 pounds of Tenderloin ($32/lb retail), 24 pounds of Ribeye ($25/lb retail), 16 pounds of NY Strip ($21/lb retail), etc.  Paying $8.33 for a $25 Ribeye is a much better deal.  That’s why we like the Whole Cow Purchase Program.  


...Still interested?  

If so, then start by securing a deposit and then we'll be in touch: 

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