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East Austin Wine Company

The 'Next Up!'

The 'Next Up!'

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Sink your teeth into our mouthwatering MTX 28 oz NY Strip, a steak that boasts unrivaled flavor and tenderness. Each juicy bite will transport you to steak lover's paradise, leaving you craving more. Then prepare you taste buds for an enchanting duet of flavors as you uncork a bottle of Des Voigne Cellars 'Duet' wine. This exquisite blend, crafted with precision and passion, perfectly complements the boldness of our NY Strip.

What you get:

  • MTX 28 OZ NY Strip
  • 1 bottle of Des Voigne Cellars 'Duet" Red Blend

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*(you will be redirected to our partner East Austin Wine Company)

**(pickup will be available at Texas Beef Traders until 5pm June 13th!) 

Don't miss out on this culinary masterpiece – grab your MTX 28 oz NY Strip and a bottle of Des Voigne Cellars 'Duet' today and get ready to hit all the right notes! Cheers to exquisite taste, memorable moments, and the joy of a truly harmonious dining experience!




































































































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