Spatchcock Chicken

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Whole spatchcock chicken from Three Sisters Ranch. Pasture-raised right here in the Texas Hill Country. Antibiotic and hormone free--all natural.

What is Spatchcock chicken? A spatchcocked chicken is a whole chicken, where the back and neck has been removed. This allows it to be completely opened, and flattened. It reduces the cooking time and cooks more even.--on the grill or roasted in the oven.

Currently, our Freedom Ranger chickens spend their days on our Texas hill country pasture. We care for our animals as a family to provide wholesome, delicious meat directly from our family to yours. You can experience the difference in the taste of our pasture raised poultry.

The difference: our chickens are able to range freely wherever they want out in the pasture eating seeds, grass, bugs, with supplemental feed milled locally. With the use of our moveable “range coop”, they are not confined all day. If you come out for a visit to the ranch, you will find our chickens foraging and scratching-- chickens being chickens.