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Pack Your Freezer Box

The box to end all boxes. This package was designed to represent roughly a 1/8th cow purchase. It's loaded with all your favorite steaks and roasts! You'll recieve roughly 60 lbs of amazing Texas Beef Trader beef!

Included in box:

-2 30oz Ribeyes

-4 7oz Tenderloins

-2 14oz NY Strips

-2 14oz Petite Sirloins

-2 10oz Flat Irons

-4 14oz Denver Steaks

-20lbs of Ground Beef

-4lbs 1/4# Hamburger Patties

-4lbs Cubed Stew Meat

 -3.5lbs Fajitas

-1 Half Brisket

-1 3.5lbs Tri-Tip

-2 2lb Chuck Roasts